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1. 30% deposit required on receipt of all mounts.

2. Guaranteed turn around of 14 weeks to completion from receipt of specimens.

3. All prices are subject to change.

4. We cannot be held responsible for specimens received that have suffered premature deterioration (i.e. slippage).

5. A fee is charged for any time spent working on a specimen that fails due to lack of care by the preparator (non UK specimens).

6. We cannot be held responsible for any unknown damage to skins. When skins are delivered to us dry-salted, they cannot at that stage be scrutinised for defects.

7. Balance to be paid on notification of completion. Non payment of balance within 4 weeks of notification will result in the sale of your trophy to recoup costs.

8. Custom made mounts will be priced on request.

9. All carriage cost P.O.A.